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Dr. Paul A. Moyse

Summer Running and Racing will be here soon. If interested in joining, or to ask questions, just send us an email.

Training sessions include training clinics and group runs.

Sample Topics Covered

1 Apparel/equipment Review
2 Running form and Biomechanics
3 Personal Training strategies, Overall Goals, Heart Rate, Distance, Speed/ Intervals, Frequency, Cross Training
4 Injury Prevention, Nutrition/Hydration
5 Target Race Preparation & Strategy
6 Current Running & Racing Topics

Groups will meet at the
Wolfe Park Rails-to-Trails, in Monroe CT.

Various local races will be chosen, where the group can meet and compete in. Our goal is to promote and support injury free training for all participants.

Individual based Personal Training Programs are also available. This program will be tailored for your specific goals. Send us an email for more information or with your requests.

Cost for the entire program - $275.

Individual Sessions are made by arrangement and the cost is $65/session.

Payments can be made by credit card via "Paypal", or personal check.

Please send emails to for registration forms.

Upcomimg Races: We hope to see you there!!

For race details and calendar Go to

Request to have Running Concepts registration forms sent to you by e-mail, or for other questions e-mail us at: ,

Phone: 203-496-0115 or 203-261-1355

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