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What should I expect from this program?

A training foundation that should give an individual the direction to achieve their goals. This will include practical running and training guidelines, advice, facts, and actual experiences.

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With the abundance of shade, the trails are cooler in the summer. The softer surface also reduces the impact your body takes, and it is a good relief from hard training on the roads!

  • How long will the group discussions last?

    Each Session will last ~45 minutes and various running/training related topics will be discussed. This will also give each participant to discuss their own personal training issues with our trainers.
  • Will I be able to develop a training program specifically for my goals?

    Yes. We will help you to develop a specific training program to conclude with your target race or goal.
  • I am new to running; will I be able to participate in these sessions?

    Yes. We will address a wide range of runners at different levels of abilities. It does not matter how fast or slow a runner is, any pre-set goal achieved will give you a great sense of satisfaction.


From Route 15 ( Merritt Pkwy), Take Exit 49 to Rt 25 North.

At the end of the exit you will be on the Route 25 Connector. Stay on the Connector (Itís a four lane road) until the Expressway ends (there is a traffic light at the end).

Turn right at the traffic light onto Route 111. At the 5th traffic light, turn left onto Purdy Hill Road (Monroe Post Office is on the Right). At the first stop sign, take a right onto Cutlers Farm Road. Continue to the end of the road ~2miles, (past Wolfe Park on the left). Park at the Trails entrance.